We produce films of all shapes and sizes - all with that little sprinkle of Fine Pairness...

Lydia & Nick's Film

Wintery wonderfullness...a ceremony and party at home, with hundreds of chinese lanterns and a rickshaw entrance to remember!

Yeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...country style in the wilds of Herefordshire.


Anne & Nathan's Film

An aisle of sparklers, a pair of double deckers, some Danish cool and a good slice of London can only mean one thing...Lou & James' beautiful day...


Lou & James' Film

An extra special Dancefilm for Heg & Steph...featuring exeptional dance moves and shapes like none we have seen before or since.

Heg & Steph's Dancefilm

Lizzie & James' Boothfilm

A Boothfilm featuring some highly unusual but

fabulous outfits and expressions that Fine Pair

teases from Lizzie & James' guests.

What a magic mix of fabulous people, around

the back of a red tent somewhere in Surrey.

To the tune of Tiffany.

Lulu & Robbie's Boothfilm

A wealth of inflatable 'air guitars', flat caps and a garden fork, make for a wonderfully booth.

3 - 6 - 9, the goose drank wine.

Monica & Tom's Beautiful Booth

A bonkers animated/stopframe take on Rach

& Mark's wedding party in the local Church Hall.


Rach & Mark's Wedanimation

Ruth & Andrew's Lapse-ceilidh

A slowed down stopframe ceilidh...so you can truly appreciate the authentic Scottish movers and shakers at the Warnock's wedding...